Beach Wedding Gowns

A special day, a special dress. Beach wedding gowns come in a myriad of designs and fabrics as numerous and unique as seashells, and certainly just as beautiful.

Flowing tulle, lace and chiffon in a-line and mermaid styles are heavenly against a backdrop of the sea.

Whether you're planning a casual or formal coastal ceremony, these enchanting wedding dresses are just the right fit.

Find Your Perfect Beach Wedding Gown

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Beach Wedding Gowns From CocoMelody

This dress flows like a delicate wind chime in the breeze. Regal yet simple, a sea wind will only enhance its billowy tulle skirt.

A tulle overlay surrounds this striking mermaid dress, just like a mermaid is surrounded by the sea while gracefully floating.

This a-line dress elegantly falls from its embroidered bodice like a wave rolling onto the beach and spreading over the sand.

Like a sail in the wind, this lovely dress flows with soft tulle and a sequined beaded bodice that resembles the outside of a seashell. Perfect for a beach wedding on horseback!

Cascading like a waterfall washing over a cliff before meeting the sea, this dress shimmers in beaded lace and tulle as it is kissed by the sun.

Resembling the delicate grooves on the outside of a seashell, a pleated bodice meets with beaded straps while tiered tulle flows as elegantly as mermaid fins over this beach wedding gown.

Beach Wedding Poems

The little white dress with a twist — a tulle overlay extending into a sweep-brush train resembling a mermaid's tail. Perfect for barefoot weddings on the beach!

Beautiful, delicate — as wispy as a soft breeze on a summer's day, evoking a vintage romantic air to your seaside ceremony.

Alluring yet demure, this off-the-shoulder dotted tulle dress will sweep over you as delicately as droplets of sea spray.

A different kind of two-piece for the beach, this unique crop top will adorn your mermaid-look with an intricate lace design. 

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