Colorful Wedding Dresses
For Mermaid & Beach Weddings

Colorful wedding dresses really make a big splash for a mermaid or beach-style wedding. With a palette of ever-changing hues, the ocean provides the perfect inspiration.

The sea changes colors with the weather, the depth, the seasons, the time of day, changing tides, even with your sunglasses! It only makes sense to take that theme up a notch and carry it over to your special dress.

Daring to be a little bit different? Move over bridesmaids, you're not the only color in town!

A Colorful Wedding Dress For Your Beach Ceremony

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Colorful Wedding Dresses From CocoMelody

As if someone tossed flowers onto a calm sea, floral lace appliques float over wave-like layers of tulle in this exquisite dress.

Like mermaid fins floating with the movement of the sea, high and low layers of tulle waft in the breeze in this unique wedding dress.

Like the soft pink hue on the inside of a seashell, or a sky of pink bands as the sun sets behind an eastern-facing shore, this dress gives new meaning to "blushing bride."

The color of the sea on a cloudy day, the mist that envelops the beach when fog rolls ashore — soft gray creates a diamond-like effect on this stunning dress.

In the teal-inspired shade of cascade, whisper-soft layers of tulle cascade like tiers of water flowing gracefully from a fountain.

As colorful as a box of saltwater taffy or a triple-scoop of rainbow sherbet, this delectable dress is perfect for a beachy summertime wedding.

Like a mermaid surfacing from the deep, this dress rises out of the sea, flowing around you like a gentle pool of water.

Fit for a mermaid princess, this delightful dress incorporates layers of teal and lilac, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Wave upon wave washes over you in layers of enchanting tulle — the ocean in a dress.

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