Little Mermaid Car Accessories

Get into gear, The Little Mermaid car accessories are here! With all of the time you spend in your vehicle going to and from work, dropping the kids off at their activities, and those let's-sneak-away-for-the-day trips, you'll want to be comfortable and happy on the road. Your Little Mermaid-themed automobile will get you there in a big, splashy way!

Little Mermaid Car Accessories

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License Plate Frames

So, you just bought a new car. Everything is shiny and sparkly with that wonderful new car smell. But what about that plain old license plate frame? Sure, it's new, but it doesn't have any character! Let the Little Mermaid herself make waves on the bumper of your car or truck!

Either way, coming or going, Ariel's got you covered with this colorful plastic frame set

Certainly not me! This single aluminum frame will remind you that your dreams can come true.

Auto Decals & Stickers

Honk if you love Ariel and friends! Let your fellow drivers know that you're one of the little mermaid's biggest fans!

A beautiful, classic pose of Ariel in silhouette. It makes you feel like pulling up a seat right beside her, after first finding a place to safely pull your vehicle over, of course!

Flounder and Ariel in closeup. 

Ariel in a lovely flowing silhouette.

Sebastian is all claws and smiles!

Flounder is all fins and grins!

Almighty Ursula showing off her pearly whites. Don't you just love that blue eyeshadow?

Ursula in a rather eerie silhouette!

A wee Ariel makes the perfect riding companion to baby.

Sebastian rocks, er rocks the baby, that is!

Key Chains & Key Rings

Never mind that many vehicles are keyless these days. These really cool Little Mermaid key rings and key chains are great for keyless batteries, house keys, boat keys (don't forget to add a float or I'll be taking your boat out for a spin!), and, of course, the keys to your treasure chest. They'll even do double-duty as ornaments for your rearview mirror or Christmas tree!

Get A Whiff Of This Little Mermaid Car Accessory!

Really? They think of everything, don't they! Now Ariel comes complete with essential oils to give your car's interior a refreshing scent. Think aromatherapy meets new car smell! Scent-sational!

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