by Katie

I once met a young lady on the shore of a beach that shall go unnamed but I will tell you it was in Maine. She called herself Telithia. She talked for hours to me. She was so beautiful and enchanted. Not in a siren lure way, in a positive, friendly way. She had long, strawberry, curly-ish hair and dashing green-brown eyes. She looked somewhere between 15-19 years old. She talked on and on about daring adventures and places she’d seen. I loved talking to her and looked forward to it every day. But one day, she just disappeared. She left a message saying “Someday, somehow, we’ll meet again. Soon I hope. I had to go back to the sea where I belong. Love, Telithia.”
Her departure was extremely heartbreaking for a overly-bullied little girl like me. But someday, somewhere, somehow, we’ll meet again.

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Feb 26, 2023
Elusive Strangers
by: Mermaid Aerwyna

I'm sure we've all encountered strangers who left a big impression on us and had an elusive, unworldly quality about them. I certainly have. Thank you for sharing this story, Katie. Since life appears to be more circular rather than straight, I hope your paths cross again.

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