Who Is Aerwyna?

Hi! That's me, webmaster and author of UniquelyMermaid.com.  The sea inspires me, and I share my inspiration and reflections with you through mermaids and musings.

As a part-time author, mermaid, and poet, I'm a bit of a rebel! I prefer being on my own, and don't especially relish the group thing. That gives me plenty of time to wander and roam, and put my thoughts down into words.

I've traveled to many places, but it's the locales near, or on, saltwater that I prefer. Favorites are the Azores, Bermuda, and the Sargasso Sea. Like a homing pigeon, I always find myself returning to these three wondrous locations! 

The Sargasso Sea is incredibly blue, blue, blue and crystal clear! I bask in the solitude of this unusual place. Sargassum seaweed is so prevalent here that it creates a floating floor above the surface, and a floating ceiling below. Shafts of light shine through heightening my senses and imagination.

The cobalt seas surrounding the Azores Islands are truly inspiring. Below the surface is a diver's dream, but I like to spend my time here propped up on a rock, notebook and pen in hand, reflecting on the stunning beauty of the volcanic landscapes surrounding me. 

Bermuda's vibrant turquoise waters and brightly-hued coral reefs infuse me with energy and passion, an endless horizon to draw from.

By the way, Aerwyna is an English name meaning "friend of the ocean."  My guess is that you are a friend of the ocean, too!


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