Quintessential Mermaid Art

Oft depicted in mermaid art
Graceful, flowing, worlds apart
A classic beauty both strong and frail
Silken mane entwining body and tail

Beautiful siren of the seas
Awash in color, an artist's tease
Circular strokes in perpetual motion
On canvas she's born a goddess of the ocean

Mermaid Art

I am always on the lookout for great art and collectibles. You'll find me combing the seafloor or following the tide to see what surfaces. I have treasure chests bursting with doubloons, gems, pottery, gold and silver of every sort. I love artwork and have decorated many a sea cave and grotto with my finds.

A Siren And A Shipwreck

Art has portrayed mermaids as both stunning creatures and cunning sea nymphs! We have supposedly lured helpless sailors and their ships into reefs with our singing. I can't speak for every mermaid, but from my perspective I feel this has been misconstrued. For many mermaids, singing is a way of communicating. It is speech. The ships' crews may have misunderstood their warnings, and steered directly into danger because the music was so beautiful to their ears. Most unfortunate.

Of course, this all adds to the folklore surrounding mermaids. It makes a nice story. Ah, such is life that we love to romanticize things we might not fully understand!

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails for Swimming

That's where art comes in, brushing onto canvas, sculpting or drawing that which has a mystical quality to it. Perhaps not fully understood by others, the artist's perception is reflected in the chosen medium. I suspect that's why you and I are so drawn to art. We look at it hoping for a fresh perspective, a thought that hasn't occurred to us as yet. We try to understand the art as well as the artist. 

Sometimes understanding isn't necessary if the beauty of the piece speaks to our senses in a way that envelops us. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. We all see art in a way that is uniquely individual — uniquely mermaid and uniquely human. 

So, what is art? An unanswerable question perhaps. Art is whatever you think it is!

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Mermaid Art Comes In Many Forms

A splash of watercolor, a dab of oil paint, a droplet of India ink, a digital animation, a moment in time captured by a camera lens — something waiting to be created or acquired. If you're looking for that one unique piece of artwork, or a whole "mermaid museum," I've put together a selection of mermaid art and collectibles for every taste and style.

From the smiling face of  The Little Mermaid's Ariel to unique sayings and themes, mermaid posters will enhance any room or wall. Perfect for a young child's bedroom or a college dorm, they run the gamut from fun to sophisticated.

Are you a budding artist? Learn how to draw a mermaid that you would be proud to frame, or easily create your own masterpiece with mermaid paint by numbers. If DIY is not your cup of tea, choose from these beautiful wood-stretched canvas prints and paintings.  While you're at it, don't forget to enhance both the inside and outside of your home with classic and unusual mermaid sculptures, collectibles, and figurines.

Get ready to make a statement with your own unique mermaid style!

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