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The Little Mermaid Poster Assortment

A wonderfully colorful room accent, The Little Mermaid poster is a must for fans of this enormously popular film. As it turns out, The Little Mermaid is not so little anymore! With two movie sequels, a television series, video games, and a Broadway musical, Ariel has become a household name. One has to wonder what original author Hans Christian Andersen would think of all this! I bet he's smiling somewhere, pleased that his Little Mermaid is so big!

I am a fan of Ariel, too. She is so determined to become who she truly wants to be, that there's just no stopping her. I admire her persistence against what appears to be insurmountable odds. For me, watching Ariel naturally concludes with the expression "You Go, Girl!"

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Disney Classics The Little Mermaid Poster
GLOSSY FINISH 24" x 36" (paid link)

Here is a classic movie poster with Ariel and Eric, the handsome prince, surrounded by some of the film's most notable characters. Both King Triton and Ursula look rather garish and menacing, while the rest of the cast is happy and smiling against the vibrant splashes of color! 

Disney Classics The Little Mermaid Poster
GLOSSY FINISH 16" x 24" (paid link)

All eyes are on me! The lovely Ariel is surrounded by many a finned friend in a kaleidoscope of colors — pink, lavender, chartreuse, mango, cobalt, emerald, buttercup, and lime. With a splash here and a bubble there, Ariel takes center stage with her gorgeous red mane floating freely behind her in the sea.

Little Mermaid Ariel Poster
23.5 x 34 (paid link)

Flounder and Sebastian are all smiles on either side of Ariel, whose name is lit up with bubbles and sea flowers. Poised on a purple throne, Ariel looks ravishing with a peach-colored flower in her hair.

8x10 Photo Picture *SHIPS FROM USA* (paid link)

A meeting of the minds! Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder are up to something!

Trends International Little Mermaid Group
Wall Poster 22.375" x 34" (paid link)

The Little Mermaid poster made picture perfect with the enchanting Ariel, Princess of the Waves. Sebastian and Flounder look pleased as punch for her! Bubbles abound with an oh so pretty in pink background.

Trends International Disney The Little Mermaid - Ariel
Kiss The Girl 22.375" x 34" (paid link)

True Love!

Disney Classics The Little Mermaid
GLOSSY FINISH 16" x 24" (paid link)

This movie theater release poster features Ursula's commanding presence and sinister smile. Ariel and friends seem completely unaware of her scheme!

Disney Classics The Little Mermaid
GLOSSY FINISH 16" x 24" (paid link)

The gang's all here, and everybody's smiling! Eric, Ursula, King Triton, Flounder and Sebastian, and Ariel looks like she's having good thoughts about all of them!

Disney Classics The Little Mermaid
GLOSSY FINISH 24" x 36" (paid link)

The heralding seahorses make an appearance in this poster with Sebastian taking charge. Shades of blue above the surface blending with purple on the seafloor offset the brightly-hued animated characters.

Trends International Disney Wall Poster
22.375" x 34" (paid link)

Ariel in a beautiful, graceful pose among the shells and starfish. A pink name plaque stands out nicely against the green background.

The Little Mermaid Poster
by Thomas Kinkade

This is a beautiful stretched-canvas print by the renowned painter of light, Thomas Kinkade. Not technically a poster, I couldn't resist placing it here because of it's captivating depiction of Ariel and Eric against a stunning backdrop.

14" x 14" x 1.5"
(paid link)

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