Mermaid Cake, Parties & Fun!
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Where's the party? Slice me a piece of mermaid cake and let the festivities begin! No skimping on the frosting, please!

Oh, I just love a party, don't you? Especially one with a theme. Food, decorations, dressing up, drinks, more food—and what better way to celebrate than with an all-out mermaid bash! Birthdays, weddings, holidays, baby showers, a special occasion or no occasion at all, there's never any reason not to kick up one's heels, or should I say tails, with a mermaid fête!

Mermaid Cake, Parties And Fun!

Decorative Cake With The Little Mermaid Theme

The Little Mermaid party theme is ever so popular among children and adults alike, and it's quite versatile. Ariel and crew will make great party guests for your next birthday, wedding, or Halloween gala, appearing on everything from invitations, party hats, wrapping paper, decorations, and of course, cake! 

Never mind those crowd-pleasing tailgating parties. As mermaids, we would surely prefer to have tailwading parties! Any beach or pool will do. Invite the gang, throw in some mermaid party games, and top off your day of fun with, you guessed it, mermaid cake!

A baby is on the way! Celebrate the imminent arrival with a mermaid-themed baby shower! From invitations, decorations, baby shower party games, and cake, your guests will love an underwater theme with mermaids, merbabies, shells, treasure and more!

Trick or Treat! The trick is finding the right mermaid Halloween costume for this most bewitching time of year. Salty mermaid costumes for infants, kids, adults and even your pet will add flair to your next dress-up party and all of the other fun Halloween stuff that you do!

As much as I love cake, I am so excited that mermaid themes have expanded into new arenas. Have you tried mermaid toast? It's a trendy delicacy and similar to another delicious concoction, mermaid ice cream. And that makes me think of ice cream and cake, the perfect mates. Cake again? Enough already!

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails for Swimming

Beyond Mermaid Cake... 'Tis The Season!

A mermaid Christmas is a wonder to behold

Stash away your chimney stockings, if I may be so bold
Over the fireplace instead will hang a row of mermaid tails
I wonder what surprises hide inside these colorful scales

A Christmas tree adorned with shells all sparkling and aglitter
Reflecting light around the room as floating candles flicker
While snow globes filled with ocean scenes delight each passerby
A mermaid hides within the glass from which she then can spy

And glimpse the happiness of the occasion with faces all aglow
Just like the warmth of the ocean as it melts each flake of snow
Only to be stirred up again with each passing year
As the season of glad tidings and good cheer draws near

The beauty of the holiday season lies in its ability to expand and coexist with nontraditional themes. Everyone loves the Santa Claus tales, twinkling lights, decorations, caroling, various religious customs, gift-giving, and feasts. Add to any or all of these a mermaid/ocean theme, and you have something very unique indeed. Beautiful mermaid ornaments will add a new dimension to your holiday decorating ideas, along with other exquisite treasures of the sea. 

And don't forget about that present! I've created some one-of-a-kind mermaid gifts suitable for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. Surprise your mermaid-lover with these unique, original siren-themed gifts! 

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