Easy Mermaid Birthday Cake

You don't have to be an expert cake decorator to make an easy mermaid birthday cake. In fact, you don't even have to know how to bake! When pressed for time and resources, always go for the KISS principle — keep it simple, sirens!

I've gathered together some cute, uncomplicated ideas for your next mermaid birthday party centerpiece, the cake! It wouldn't be a celebration without one!

Easy Mermaid Birthday Cake

Where do I go when I'm in need of instruction? YouTube, of course! And let me tell you, there are some extremely gorgeous, intricate and complex mermaid cakes that require a skill level way too advanced for what we're shooting for today, and that's easy mermaid birthday cake. 

So let's start with the basics. Don't know how to bake? Go for a store-bought sponge cake or angel food cake, and then follow the decorating instructions on these videos. Next option:  go for a box cake mix — Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, even Walmart has their own brand. Looking for gluten-free and organic options? Try Arrowhead Mills, King Arthur, Annie's, Bob's Red Mill, and Simple Truth, just to name a few. And for those who want to dive right in, here's an easy recipe for beginners with only four steps!

Easy Mermaid Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

On to decorating! Here's a clever way to decorate a cake by turning a doll into a mermaid using fruit roll-ups! This makes an easy work of art with canned frosting, food coloring, a box cake and some other sweet goodies.

Heads or tails?
Tails takes the cake! This video includes a recipe for the cake and frosting, or you can use one of the above options if you don't want to bake (click Watch on YouTube to get the recipe in the description box). 

Learn how to use candy melts in place of fondant, which is a cake decorating icing with a clay-like consistency. It's a little more complicated and time-consuming, but worth it if you're going for a very sculpted and artistic look on cakes and other sweet confections. Simplified here with candy melts and molds, this colorful concoction leaves a lot of room for you to show your own style. You can even buy shell and fish candies in place of molds to simplify even further. If you're not comfortable using icing bags and tips (or if you don't have them), cutting a small hole in the corner of a plastic bag will do the trick.

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