Unique Mermaid Gifts

Are you looking for mermaid gifts that are a little out of the ordinary? Here you'll find designs along with my original poems celebrating beauty, inspiration and uniqueness, plus a dose of quirky humor thrown in for good measure!

Unique Mermaid Gifts

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Do you believe in mermaids?
Do you believe in yourself?

Inspire the mermaid within while embracing your uniqueness. Like the ever-changing colors of the sea, the original poems in this collection range from whimsical to deeply emotional, encouraging you to swim against the tide and become who you truly wish to be.

"Like A Mermaid" Tote Bag (paid link)

This mermaid tote bag will inspire you as you take it on your travels to the beach, the grocery store, the office. Perfect any time you need to carry a lot of stuff!

Oh, I'm sure you know the feeling that accompanies "I can't do a thing with my hair today!" Don't sweat it, just put on a button! No need to explain yourself or your outrageous coiffure. And for those days when they don't like it but you do, let them know that, too!

Or...  simply turn this mug around to suit your appearance and mood!

Bad/Good Hair Day Mermaid Mug
Good/Bad Hair Day Mermaid Mug

"Good/Bad Hair Day" Mermaid Mug (paid link)

Shopping lists, notes to self, honey-do-lists, reminders, affirmations, quick notes, daily tasks, future plans, goals — the Post-it note knows no bounds! If you find yourself on information-overload, keep your head above water with these pretty mermaid Post-it notes.

"Mermaid Notes" Post-it (paid link)

Beach Wedding Poems

Mermaid Gifts For Writing & Drawing

If you're here visiting my website, you've probably guessed that I like to write. I don't pretend to be an author, but I do enjoy "scribbling," so to speak. An idea pops into my head and I have to get it down quickly for fear of losing it all together. And I am notoriously disorganized about it! Rough-hewn poems, incomplete sentences, half-baked ideas, all jotted down on scraps of whatever flotsam and jetsam I can find at the moment. 

A perfect solution to this disarray is a notebook — not just any old notebook, but one that inspires you. These mermaid notebooks come with lined or blank pages and one of my original poems. Perfect for journaling or sketching, they make an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys putting pen, or pencil, to paper! 

Mermaid Notebook With Poem

Mermaid Notebook With Poem "The Endless Sea" (paid link)

Sometimes life becomes so overwhelming that we feel the need to escape. This poem uses the imagery of the sea as a place to find respite and release.

Mermaid Notebook With Poem

Mermaid Notebook With Poem "The Dreamer" (paid link)

This lovely mermaid will remind you that being a dreamer is a good thing! You are unique and special, and your dreams need to be shared with the world!

Notebook With Poem

Notebook With Poem "I Saw A Mermaid At The Beach" (paid link)

What would you do if you saw a mermaid at the beach? Would you be startled? Would she be scared? Or would you find a way to form a friendship, as described in this poem.

Notebook With Poem "In A Mermaid's Dream" (paid link)

Dreams make everything possible. This poem takes you beneath the surface in a mermaid's dream.

Mermaid Notebook With Poem

Notebook With Poem "If I Were A Mermaid" (paid link)

Imagine yourself as a mermaid with all of the attributes you would like to embody, and know that they already exist within you!

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