Mermaid Story Ideas

If you're a storyteller searching for inspiration from the sea, then look no further. Here lies a plethora of ideas that could be woven into any tale. With these mermaid story ideas, your imagination will come alive with possibility and bring your creation to life!

I love stories, especially mermaid stories. Writing, watching, reading, listening—any form or venue works for me.

After all, isn't life one big story?

Mermaid Story Ideas

Mermaid Story Ideas By Genre

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Mermaid Fantasy

What I love about writing a fantasy (paid link) is that you can go anywhere with it. There are no limits. Everything is up to you. Take your readers to places they've never been before, and I dare say to places you've never been before, by writing in this boundless genre.

  • A mermaid princess must retrieve a stolen artifact from a human ship to save her underwater kingdom.
  • A forbidden romance between a mermaid and a human sailor sets off a series of magical events.
  • Mermaids form an alliance with other mythical sea creatures to protect the oceans from an ancient evil.
  • A young mermaid discovers a hidden portal to the human world, leading to both adventure and danger.
  • Mermaids with unique powers unite to restore a cursed underwater realm to its former glory.

Mermaid Romance

True love, forbidden love, on again/off again, rekindled passion, soulmates, till death do us part—all in the name of love. Writing a romance (paid link) keeps your readers in the "will they or won't they" mode for as long as you wish them to be. Use these mermaid story ideas to keep 'em guessing!

  • A human marine biologist falls in love with a mermaid while studying ocean life, testing the limits of their love across two worlds.
  • Two rival mermaid clans must put aside their differences when their heirs unexpectedly fall in love.
  • A mermaid's enchanting voice draws sailors in, but a lonely lighthouse keeper sees beyond the charm.
  • A mermaid and a human form a deep connection through secret messages written in the sand.
  • A mermaid cursed to remain on land must find true love before her time runs out.

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Mermaid Adventure

Life is an adventure—for humans and mermaids! Take your readers to faraway places, throw in a lot of twists and turns, honor the element of surprise, and what you have is an adventure story (paid link) that you just can't put down!

  • A group of friends stumble upon a hidden underwater city and embark on a treasure-hunting expedition.
  • A young mermaid sets out on a journey to find a legendary pearl that can grant any wish.
  • A brave mermaid warrior must rescue her captured pod members from a sinister underwater fortress.
  • A daring underwater explorer uncovers an ancient mermaid prophecy that holds the key to saving the seas.
  • A human sailor is transformed into a merman and joins a quest to break a curse threatening both worlds.

Mermaid Mystery

Intrigue masked in ways you don't expect, hidden secrets, obscure and obtuse elements introduced in the narrative (paid link), cloak and dagger, deceit, murder, blackmail—all intertwined to keep you on edge until you find out who did the dirty deed.

  • A detective investigates a series of mysterious disappearances along a coastal town, uncovering a mermaid secret.
  • A mermaid with amnesia must unravel her past and identity as she navigates a complex underwater conspiracy.
  • A coastal town harbors a dark secret involving mermaids, and a journalist is determined to expose the truth.
  • A reclusive artist discovers a mermaid's enchanting melody in a hidden cove and becomes obsessed with finding her.
  • A mermaid's haunting dreams foretell an impending disaster, and she seeks help from a human psychic to prevent it.

Mermaid Science Fiction

Time travel, futuristic planets, dystopian worlds, all navigated into imaginative prose by the sci-fi author (paid link). Mermaid story ideas for this genre are as endless as light years are far.

  • In a futuristic world, genetically modified mermaids with advanced abilities struggle for equality in a divided society.
  • A spacefaring crew encounters aquatic aliens with mermaid-like characteristics on a distant water-rich planet.
  • A scientist invents a device that allows humans to temporarily become merfolk, leading to unforeseen consequences.
  • In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors discovers mermaids living in the depths of polluted oceans, holding the key to restoration.
  • An AI-controlled underwater research facility discovers an ancient mermaid civilization preserved in a hidden underwater dome.

Mermaid Horror

It's white-knuckle time! Here are some mermaid story ideas for your thriller-in-the-making (paid link). Your words will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they succumb to the terror before them!

  • A group of friends on a yacht party unknowingly anchors near a haunted mermaid graveyard, awakening vengeful spirits.
  • A mysterious mermaid lures sailors to a secluded island, where they are trapped in a nightmarish underwater realm.
  • A marine biologist's obsession with capturing a live mermaid leads to terrifying consequences as the creature's true nature is revealed.
  • A remote fishing village is plagued by a curse linked to a malevolent mermaid, and a young girl must break the curse to save her community.
  • A deep-sea diver encounters a deadly mermaid predator during a mission to explore uncharted ocean depths.

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Mermaid Historical Fiction

Don't you just love period pieces? Transport your readers to a time centuries in the past with vivid descriptions (paid link) of a bygone era.

  • Set in ancient Greece, a mermaid aids a shipwrecked sailor in his quest to return home, drawing upon myths and legends.
  • During the Renaissance, a mermaid artist captures the heart of a human painter, leading to a collaboration that defies societal norms.
  • In the Victorian era, a young aristocrat falls for a mermaid performer in a traveling circus, sparking a scandalous romance.
  • A sailor during the Age of Exploration encounters mermaids, challenging his beliefs and altering the course of his voyage.
  • In feudal Japan, a mermaid helps a samurai warrior defend his village against a ruthless warlord.

Mermaid Comedy

Mermaid stand-up? Why not! Apply your comedic talents in creating humorous tales (paid link) that will keep your readers snickering!

  • A clumsy mermaid accidentally causes chaos among a group of vacationing humans, leading to a comical series of misadventures.
  • A mermaid who dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian enlists the help of a struggling human comic to achieve her goal.
  • Mermaids in a hidden underwater kingdom learn about human pop culture and attempt to recreate it underwater, resulting in hilarious results.
  • A mermaid's attempt to integrate into human society leads to humorous misunderstandings and cultural clashes.
  • A quirky inventor creates an underwater amusement park to attract both humans and mermaids, with humorous challenges along the way.

Mermaid Drama

Everybody loves a good drama (paid link). It sucks you in like it's happening to you, thanks to the author's clever balance of theatrics and nuance.

  • A mermaid princess faces an internal struggle between her responsibilities to her kingdom and her desire for personal freedom.
  • A mermaid's forbidden love for a human leads to a heart-wrenching choice between her family and true love.
  • A mermaid healer must make sacrifices to protect her community when a deadly disease threatens to wipe out her pod.
  • Two mermaid sisters, separated at birth, reunite under dire circumstances and must confront their differences to save their underwater world.
  • A mermaid aristocrat must navigate treacherous political waters as she becomes embroiled in a power struggle for the throne.

Mermaid Western

Yee-haw! What in tarnation do you make of this? Mermaids riding sidesaddle, a lasso made of strung pearls, Stetsons decorated with seashells, spurs on tails—it couldn't be anything other than a mermaid western. Don't be a yellow-belly—git writin'! (paid link)

  • A lone cowboy stumbles upon a hidden oasis inhabited by mermaids and must decide whether to protect their secret or reveal it to the world.
  • A group of mermaid outlaws teams up with a band of human outlaws to take down a corrupt sheriff who threatens both their worlds.
  • A mermaid bartender in a coastal saloon becomes an unlikely ally to a wandering gunslinger seeking redemption.
  • A frontier settlement faces a water shortage until a resourceful mermaid offers to help, leading to an unexpected partnership.
  • A mermaid sheriff enforces underwater justice in a lawless mining town, solving crimes that affect both land and sea.

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Mermaid Political Thriller

Join the likes of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, John le Carré, and other distinguished authors of political intrigue (paid link). Your mission? Make the protagonist a mermaid using these mermaid story ideas!

  • A mermaid diplomat negotiates a delicate treaty between underwater kingdoms and human nations, navigating treacherous waters of power and deception.
  • An investigative journalist uncovers a conspiracy involving mermaids and a global government cover-up, risking her life to expose the truth.
  • A mermaid spy infiltrates a human corporation with plans to exploit the ocean's resources, and must thwart their destructive agenda.
  • The discovery of a mermaid civilization in the deep sea sparks an international race for influence and control over their advanced technology.
  • A human politician forms an unlikely alliance with a mermaid activist to address environmental issues threatening both their societies.

Mermaid Satire

This one's up for grabs. Pretty much anything goes here. Quirky, eccentric characters, farce, folly, and foibles, all in the day's work of a satirist (paid link). 

  • In a world where mermaids are celebrities, a tabloid reporter chases outrageous stories about their glamorous lifestyles and scandals.
  • A mermaid reality TV show follows the lives of underwater roommates with hilariously relatable challenges and conflicts.
  • A comedic playwright becomes infatuated with a mermaid muse, inspiring a series of quirky plays that blur the lines between reality and fantasy.
  • A satirical news show in an underwater realm humorously critiques the absurdities of both mermaid and human cultures.
  • A mermaid stand-up comedian navigates the challenges of her unique underwater audience, incorporating fishy humor into her routines.

Mermaid Literary Fiction

Create a character-driven, artsy prose (paid link) that examines the uniquely human and uniquely mermaid condition with these ideas.

  • A mermaid philosopher questions the nature of existence and consciousness, sparking intellectual discussions that challenge the boundaries of understanding.
  • A mermaid writer discovers a mysterious journal that bridges the gap between her underwater world and human literature, inspiring a literary movement.
  • An introspective mermaid artist captures the beauty and melancholy of underwater life through her evocative paintings.
  • Two mermaid poets from different realms engage in a poetic correspondence that explores the intricacies of emotion and perception.
  • A mermaid librarian embarks on a journey to collect and preserve the oral histories of her pod, weaving together a tapestry of lives and experiences.

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