Do Mermaids Exist?

I am one of many mermaids in the sea
I am like you and you are like me

Welcome to my underwater world! My name is Aerwyna, and your fascination with sirens and sea nymphs has brought you here. How timely! I have so much to share with you.

I am here to tell my tale
Of below the surface from which I hail
Living in the beautiful sea
A world of wonder, a life carefree

Much has been written about us. Everything from Greek mythology to modern day films have posed the proverbial question:  Are We Real? 

With jeweled eyes and shimmering tail
Is she real or just a fairy tale?
Do mermaids really exist?
Or are they ethereal images in the mist?

Home To Mermaids

Is A Mermaid A Fish?

So what am I?  Half human, half fish?  You could say that we have not evolved enough to live outside of water for extended periods of time. Or you could say that we have evolved more than most to be able to live and breathe in and out of water. Either way is correct. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Or should I say the oyster or the pearl?

A mermaid lives and breathes in water
To all the world she's ocean's daughter
It is your belief that makes her real
To those who doubt she will not reveal

Is A Mermaid Fact Or Fable?

You wouldn't be reading this if you did not believe. You are unique. We are, too. Many people assume that we live in groups or kingdoms with rulers and hierarchies. That's often depicted in stories, but it's not always the case. Some do, while others, like me, prefer to go their own way. Just like you, each one of us is unique.

As different as each grain of sand
Perpetually in motion upon the seafloor
We bask in our uniqueness
While finding new horizons to explore

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Come and explore with me beneath the sea. You'll find beautiful art, unique gifts, original rhyme, and many ways to adorn yourself and release your inner mermaid. Don't be afraid to be yourself, even if that's different from everyone else. Sometimes it's a bit scary to move away from the crowd. So dive in, take the plunge, and show your uniqueness to the world!

Under the sea I am free
Caressed by a wave I am brave
Among the coral I am immortal
Beneath the surface is what I crave

Dare I do more than flip my tail
If I leave the water I might fail
Cautiously swimming toward the sun
I break the surface for a trial run

It's okay to be me and live here too
The sea is beautiful from either view
Above the surface others will see
That beneath the surface I am still me

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