What Is Mermaid Core?

Mermaid core, mermaidcore, and mermaid core aesthetic are all variations on the same theme. So, what is mermaid core?

In a nutshell (or should I say "seashell"), mermaid core is an aesthetic trend inspired by mermaids and the mystical allure of the underwater world.

Favored by those who appreciate a blend of fantasy and femininity in their personal style and surroundings, mermaid core encourages self-expression and creativity.

Sounds dreamy, right?

What Is Mermaid Core?

You only need to look at fashion, beauty, home decor, and art, in shimmery and iridescent colors, seashells, scales, seafoam green and blue hues, encompassing a sense of ethereal and dreamy, and you've got the mermaid core aesthetic.  

Picture a shaft of sunlight reflecting below the ocean's surface. The delicate play of light on water is channeled into fabrics and textures associated with mermaid core. Soft, flowy material and ethereal silhouettes evoke the fluidity of the underwater world. Sequins, holographic materials, and metallic textures that shimmer and shine create the illusion of scales and the dance of light as it reflects below the surface.  The ever-changing hues of the sea—aqua, seafoam green, turquoise, deep blues, iridescent pastels—provide a mesmerizing palette of mermaid core color.

  • Fashion:  Long, flowy skirts and dresses, airy blouses and shawls over shimmery bras and tank tops in seashell shapes and scales, form-fitting mini-dresses and skirts in metallics, sequins, and underwater prints; accessories such as transparent or holographic handbags and footwear.
  • Jewelry:  Pearls, mother-of-pearl, opal, moonstone, capiz, abalone, sea glass and seashell necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, toe rings, and barefoot sandals.
  • Makeup:  Iridescent or holographic eyeshadows and liners, add shimmering highlighters in aquatic color palettes; nail art with oceanic themes.
  • Hair:  Beachy waves, vibrant colors reminiscent of sea life, accessories like hairpins with pearls and shells, and seashell crowns.
  • Decor:  Iridescent and shimmering glassware, throw pillows, wall art, sculptures of mermaids and marine life, pearlescent vases and candle holders, shells, flowy and fishnet-style window treatments, and aquatic-scented candles and room fragrances like sea breeze and salt water.

What Is Mermaid Core's History?

The origins of mermaid core can be traced back to the early 2010s when it started gaining momentum on social media platforms. Users began sharing images, fashion inspiration, makeup looks, and artwork that embraced the mermaid aesthetic. These posts often incorporated oceanic colors, glitter, seashell accessories, and underwater-themed photography. 

Mermaidcore, and its sister-trend sirencore (think beachy greek goddess) are closely tied to the broader "cottagecore" and "fantasycore" movements, which celebrate a return to nature, simpler living, and the whimsy of fantasy worlds. Mermaid core, specifically, places a heavy emphasis on the idea of living by the sea or embodying the essence of a mythical sea creature. Mythical to some, that is, but not to you and me!

Over the years, mermaidcore has evolved, with influencers and content creators on platforms like TikTok and Instagram helping to popularize and redefine the trend. 

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What Is Mermaid Core To You?

As with many internet-based trends, mermaid core remains highly visual and creative, with individuals interpreting and expressing it in their unique ways. It continues to captivate those who are drawn to the mystical allure of the sea and the enchanting world of mermaids. 

With that said, I've created the Mermaidcore Self-Care Kit (paid link), a treasure trove of tools designed to help you dive deep into self-discovery, reflection, and inner transformation. This kit is your personal sanctuary, where the wisdom of the sea and the allure of mermaids meet to inspire and empower you. Easily downloadable and printable from my Etsy Shop, start now and discover what mermaid core means to you!

Mermaidcore Self-Care Kit

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