Mermaid Halloween Costumes

Ghosts, goblins, pumpkins, and bats! Mermaid Halloween costumes are the perfect adornment for trick or treating, parties, or anytime it just makes sense to become a mermaid!

Not just mermaids, mind you. We've got costumes for all merfolk — merbabies, merkids, mermen, and merpets, too! 

Cute, creepy, sexy and silly, there's something here for everyone!

Mermaid Halloween Costumes

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Infant Mermaid Halloween Costumes

Is there anything more adorable than babes dressed as mermaids? These tiny mermaid Halloween costumes bring "too cute" to a whole new level! Think of all the photos you can take! Great for matching themes with Mom or Dad or siblings, too.


Whether it's Ariel from The Little Mermaid, a sea witch like Ursula, a mermaid skeleton, or even a mermaid orca whale (is there such a thing?!), one of these delightful kids' costumes are perfect for Halloween fun!


Alluring, devilish, sweet, sexy, adorable, stylish — take your pick with these spectacular siren of the sea costumes in all shapes and sizes!

Plus Size


Okay gents, you too can be a mermaid! Show off all that work you do at the gym in salty sea style! Or if your companion plans to dress as Ariel, of course you must become the handsome Prince Eric! And if those don't suit you, well, there's always the Mermaid Mafia!

And Let's Not Forget...

Pet Costume Ariel (paid link)

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