Mermaid Baby Shower Invitations

Planning a mermaid-themed baby shower? These mermaid baby shower invitations are so inviting (I couldn't resist)!  The best part is they are all fully customizable on Zazzle as printed invitations, allowing you to choose the wording, style, and type of paper. Most are also available as instant downloads (except where noted). Order them fully printed, or print your own—the best of both worlds!

You can also choose to use your selected invitation theme with the addition of thank you tags, announcements, or any of the hundreds of customizable products on Zazzle.

Mermaid Baby Shower Invitations

And while you're at it, enhance your mermaid shower theme with these adorable mermaid baby shower games. Available as printable instant downloads, your guests will love them!

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Gold shells, pearls, gems, crowns, bubbles and sparkles make this boldly-colored invitation stand out. An adorable merbaby nestles in mama's tail, while a second mermaid completes the scene. 

A string of lustrous pearls adds classic elegance to this whisper silhouette mermaid tail in soft purple.

Will it be a mermaid or will it be a sailor? Your guests will soon find out with this gender-reveal party invitation, as a mermaid's tail splashes out of a turquoise sea in front of a passing sailboat.

Colorful gemstones sparkle and shine on this adorable little one with bows in her hair and teal mermaid tail, as she smiles and holds a starfish. Also available with pink tail and bows. (paid links)

Simplicity and elegance abound on this lovely invitation, accentuated by a shimmering mermaid's tail. 

A beautiful little merbaby in silver tail and crown happily naps inside a clam shell. Delicate flowers stand out on a watery backdrop.

Roses and bows surround a tiny crowned mermaid as she holds a large pearl within a shell.

Ahoy mateys! Will it be a fair crowned maiden or a lad with skull and crossbones? This clever invitation showcases a pirate ship and a mermaid's tail against a polka dot sky.

With her flaming red hair, Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid waves to her buddy Flounder in this colorful under-the-sea baby shower invitation. (available as a printed invitation only)

A precious little pearl naps on a clam shell, watched over by a crab and starfish. Bubbles float lazily in the water as baby sleeps soundly with her pacifier.

Mama and baby make a splash together on a pink and blue watercolor background sprinkled with gold stars and hearts.

It takes two to tango, and these two little glittery mermaids herald the arrival of twins! (available as a printed invitation only)

A mermaid hugs a narwhal beneath a sparkling rainbow in a sea of bubbles and flowers.

A soft yellow background accentuates an underwater world of coral, sea plants and shells, while a merbaby softly slumbers within a shell. (available as a printed invitation only)

Rainbow-colored pastels highlight mama and baby mermaids in a gender-neutral silhouette. I love the tail at the end of "baby"!

A mermaid's hair flows around her baby bump in this elegant rose gold silhouette, framed in matching tones.

A little mermaid rides a whale in this cute nautical drawing in blue and pink. I love the eyelashes on the whale!

Chic, clean lines define a metallic iridescent mermaid's tail. Shown in lavender, this invitation is also available in turquoise blueprincess bluecopper rosesage mintdusty mauve, and champagne gold. (paid links)

Double-Sided Mermaid Baby Shower Invitations

A Baby Shower Invitation With A Mermaid Theme
A Baby Shower Invitation With A Mermaid Theme
Customize & Buy on Zazzle (paid link)

A mother cherishes her babe in this lovely painting entitled "Still Waters" which graces the front of the invitation, while the shower information is on the flip side. (available as a printed invitation only)

A Baby Shower Invitation With A Mermaid Theme
A Baby Shower Invitation With A Mermaid Theme
Customize & Buy on Zazzle (paid link)

A whimsical painting entitled "Mermaid Lullaby" is featured on the front and reappears on the back in a softened version. This invitation can be used as is, enabling you to write your own information, or you can customize it on Zazzle. (available as a printed invitation only)

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