Beautiful Mermaid Art

What images come to mind when you think of beautiful mermaid art? Sensuous flow and movement, swirling circular motion, fluidity, long hair floating freely, shimmering tails, sinuous body — all painted in an array of colors from soft pastels to bold brilliance.

Ranging from unique to whimsical to dramatic, these wood-stretched canvas prints will make a fine addition to any wall, or compliment your existing mermaid collection. 

Beautiful Mermaid Art

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Mermaid Mother and Child (paid link)

What could be more lovely than a mermaid mother and child? Beautiful shades of teal and jade add vibrancy to this piece. I love the sleek black smoothness of the mother's hair, while the child's red mane floats freely. Notice that the fish all have cat faces. Could this be a whimsical turn by the artist? Don't cats normally eat fish? Talk about role reversal!

Sea Mermaid with Ghost Ship (paid link)

The artist captured the beautiful blonde colors of the mermaid's hair within the sea and sky, mirrored in the rippling waves and clouds. A multitude of golden hues lights this canvas, offset by the mermaid's iridescent blue tail. 

Mermaid Sitting On The Stone (paid link)

Simplicity speaks volumes. Soft, muted inky teal and slate define this mermaid's contemplative pose as she sprawls upon a rock. The delicate flower in her hair completes the monochromatic scheme like icing on a cake.

Mermaid Picture on Vintage Background (paid links)

Lithe, lovely, and rustic. The weathered look of these pieces enhance the ethereal and filmy silhouettes of the mermaids.

A Mermaid's Glow (paid link)

This gorgeous mermaid basks in the glow of floating candles, or is it the afterglow of a deeply romantic encounter?

Mermaid's Flower (paid link)

A sea goddess takes in the soft, velvety feel of a flower in bloom in this beautiful mermaid art print.

Dolphin Greets A Mermaid (paid link)

A meeting of the minds, an understanding, a mutual respect between two beings of the sea, captured within a shaft of sunlight.

Mermaid Under The Ocean (paid link)

A mermaid basks in a ray of light. Is it the sun? The moon? Or has a passing ship captured this lovely mermaid under the beam of its spotlight?

Mermaid's Skeletons (paid link)

Could this be a portrayal of the stereotypical mermaid who's lured ship and crew to an untimely demise? Is the look she wears on her face one of satisfaction or lament as she discovers the unfortunate scene.

Looking Out To Sea (paid link)

Sitting on a rock but turned toward the open ocean, a mermaid has a perpetual longing for the sea.

Dreaming Mermaid (paid link)

With eyes closed I wonder what this fair mermaid is dreaming of. Perhaps a ship's mast at the edge of the horizon, the captain of which is her long lost love.

"Mermaid" by Rob Johnson (paid link)

Playful and pretty saltwater companions.

Mermaid Sitting On A Rock At Sunset (paid link)

A mermaid's silhouette against a picturesque sky at dusk. Sea and clouds shimmer in the golden sunset.

"I Must Be A Mermaid..." (paid link)

This compelling quote from Anais Nin empowers you to live life to its fullest, just like a mermaid!

Beautiful Mermaid Art With Lights!

Add a new dimension to your walls with these lighted canvas prints. Pop in a couple of batteries and watch as the mermaid scenes come to life before your eyes!

Mermaid Sitting Under an Arched Door (paid link)

A mystical mermaid meets your gaze as she holds a flickering flame, enticing you to find out what's behind her sea door.

"Message From A Mermaid" (paid link)

Make a wish upon this lighted star along with sage advice from a mermaid!

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails for Swimming

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