Mermaid Paint By Numbers

Monet, Renoir, Picasso... YOU! Easier done than said with mermaid paint by numbers! What could be simpler than corresponding a color with a number? In actuality, painting by numbers is a great way to learn how to paint. You're using a brush and combining colors that range in skill sets from beginner to advanced.

Mermaids make a particularly good subject with iridescent tails that pick up the light and flowing manes of hair that dance with the movement of the sea. Select your next masterpiece from these colorful mermaid paint by numbers kits!

Mermaid Paint By Numbers Kits

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A Mermaid On The Beach (paid link)

It's almost as if this woman is in the midst of turning into a mermaid. You still see her human form as it starts to blend into a tail mid-thigh. Is she a mermaid that has washed up on the beach, or is she a human turning into a mermaid ready to be carried out to sea by an incoming tide? As with all art, your impression of it becomes its expression.

Girl, Waterfall And Horses (paid link)

This painting is a departure from the classic mermaid art form. I included it because the word "mermaid" literally means maiden of the sea. It's as if she is dreaming of becoming a part of the sea. White horses symbolize good fortune in a dream, as her mane of hair turns into a waterfall flowing into the ocean. Like a mermaid, she has become one with the sea.

VATO Surf & Mermaid Oil Painting By Numbers Canvas 16" x 20" (paid link)

A mermaid's world, a human's world; above the surface and below. I love how this painting captures both themes on the curve of a wave. 

MiDenso Mermaid Swimming Paint By Numbers (paid link)

This mermaid seems to be floating dreamily through a sea garden filled with colorful flora. Luminous bubbles reflect the magenta hues of her tail and surroundings. 

MiDenso Mermaid Girl Paint By Numbers 16" by 20" (paid link)

The shipwreck in the background sets the tone for this painting, a mermaid surrounded by what is left of the crew. Did she lure the ship into a reef with her siren song, as legend has it?

CaptainCrafts Mermaid Love Paint By Numbers
16"x20" Linen Canvas (paid link)

This painting has that vintage Norman Rockwell look about it, and would make a great cover for The Saturday Evening Post. The young boy is taken aback as he hooks a mermaid, while she seems to take it all in stride!

MiDenso Mermaid Kiss Paint By Numbers 16" by 20" (paid link)

Romance is in the air! A kiss between a mermaid and a human is perfectly silhouetted against a setting sun or a rising moon as the water shimmers in golden waves. A  boat in silhouette completes the scene.

Schipper The Mermaid Paint-By-Number Kit (paid link)

A mermaid within an enclosed ocean — a world of her own inside of a jar! Schipper was one of the first companies to develop the concept of paint-by-numbers over fifty years ago. Their products are higher-priced, but with that comes top quality materials and paintings sure to please the budding artist inside of you!

Just For Kids

Mermaid Oil Painting, Paint By Number Kits For Kids 20x30cm (paid link)

Pearls entwine the long mane of this cute mermaid as she sails through the sea with a smiling dolphin. Bubbles and stars surround them on their playful journey together in this fun mermaid paint by numbers kit.

Pink Picasso Kids! Paint By Numbers Kits For Kids - Marina Mermaid (paid link)

Adorable Marina Mermaid will delight your kids as she comes to life under their artistic brushstrokes. Hair and skin color can be customized by your little Picasso!

Faber-Castell - Paint By Number Mermaids - Watercolor Paint (paid link)

Your kids will love this ingenious watercolor paint in a pencil. They simply draw the color onto the canvas, brush water over to blend and, voila! A true masterpiece!

Little Mermaid Paint By Numbers

Karyees 16x20in Disney Princess Little Mermaid Ariel
Acrylic Paint By Numbers Kit (paid link)

Ariel and Flounder in a dazzling display upon the sea, offset by colorful fish below the surface.

Kimily Paint By Numbers Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Acrylic (paid link)

I love the stained-glass window effect of this brilliant painting. Ariel's big eyes look right into yours as she displays a shell, while Sebastian and Flounder are there to cheer her on!

TINDAY Acrylic Disney Paint By Numbers Kit 16x20 inch (paid link)

Ariel's glittery tail shimmers against a cobalt blue sea as she treads water for a pose!

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