Mermaid Paint By Numbers

Monet, Renoir, Picasso... YOU! Easier done than said with mermaid paint by numbers! What could be simpler than corresponding a color with a number? In actuality, painting by numbers is a great way to learn how to paint. You're using a brush and combining colors that range in skill sets from beginner to advanced.

Mermaids make a particularly good subject with iridescent tails that pick up the light, and flowing manes of hair that dance with the movement of the sea. Select your next masterpiece from these colorful mermaid paint by numbers kits!

Mermaid Paint By Numbers Kits

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A Mermaid On The Beach (paid link)

It's almost as if this woman is in the midst of turning into a mermaid. You still see her human form as it starts to blend into a tail mid-thigh. Is she a mermaid that has washed up on the beach, or is she a human turning into a mermaid ready to be carried out to sea by an incoming tide? As with all art, your impression of it becomes its expression.

A stunning stained-glass paint by numbers mermaid with bronze-colored hair and gold-flecked scales vibrantly posed amidst a teal, blue, aqua and green backdrop. Just gorgeous!

Girl, Waterfall And Horses (paid link)

This painting is a departure from the classic mermaid art form. I included it because the word "mermaid" literally means maiden of the sea. It's as if she is dreaming of becoming a part of the sea. White horses symbolize good fortune in a dream, as her mane of hair turns into a waterfall flowing into the ocean. Like a mermaid, she has become one with the sea.

Schipper The Mermaid Paint-By-Number Kit (paid link)

A mermaid within an enclosed ocean—a world of her own inside of a jar! Schipper was one of the first companies to develop the concept of paint-by-numbers over fifty years ago. Their products are higher-priced, but with that comes top quality materials and paintings sure to please the budding artist inside of you!

Just For Kids

Your kids will love this ingenious watercolor paint in a pencil. They simply draw the color onto the canvas, brush water over to blend and, voila! A true masterpiece!

Experience the magic of creativity with the Paint by Number Mermaid Pets Wall Art Kit (paid link), a 2-in-1 activity featuring Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils. This engaging kit offers hours of artistic joy as kids color and paint two enchanting mermaid pet-themed pictures using the innovative watercolor pencils. The easy-to-follow numbered color guide allows for the creation of light and dark shades or custom color designs, providing endless possibilities. After coloring, add water with the included paintbrush to witness the transformation of colored pencils into vibrant watercolor paint. Complete your masterpiece by decorating the magnetic wooden hanger with the provided foil stickers and attaching the hanging string. The easy-snap feature ensures a hassle-free display. The eco-friendly Faber-Castell watercolor pencils, made from certified sustainable forestry, provide control with less mess and never dry out. Suitable for ages 6 and above, this kit includes 6 watercolor pencils, an 8 x 10” double-sided illustration poster, a laser-engraved magnetic wooden hanger, a foil sticker sheet, a colored hanging string, a paintbrush, a pencil sharpener, and a numbered color guide, all packaged in a recyclable box.

Unleash the creativity of young artists with this captivating mermaid paint-by-number kit (paid link). Designed to delight kids aged 8 and above, the set features three fashionable mermaids awaiting a burst of color on a genuine artist canvas. The innovative Watercolor EcoPencils, crafted from eco-friendly reforested wood, offer a break-resistant and vibrant coloring experience. Simply color and add water—the magic is in the pencils! The color key introduces 15 vivid shades, encouraging artistic exploration through two and three-color mixing combinations. The numbered color guide, thoughtfully separate from the canvas, provides flexibility for young artists to follow along or venture into their own imaginative expressions. The package includes 7 Faber-Castell Watercolor EcoPencils in hues like Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, and Blue, a 9” Square Pre-printed Artist Canvas, a Paint Brush, a Foam Mounting Board, and Double-sided Mounting Tape for a comprehensive and enjoyable artistic experience.

Little Mermaid Paint By Numbers

Embark on an artistic journey beneath the waves with these enchanting Little Mermaid paint-by-number kits, designed to captivate the imagination of artists young and old. Each kit offers a unique portrayal of the underwater realm inspired by the beloved tale. Dive into creativity as you color and paint scenes featuring iconic characters, vibrant marine life, and intricate underwater landscapes.

Ariel Paint By Number

Ariel's vibrant red hair and sea-colored eyes come alive among the flowers in this beautiful paint-by-numbers kit (paid link).

Witness the magic unfold as Ariel and Flounder create a dazzling display upon the sea (paid link), accompanied by a vibrant array of colorful fish beneath the surface. Experience the brilliance of a stained-glass window effect, where Ariel's big eyes gaze directly into yours as she presents a shell (paid link), with Sebastian and Flounder cheering her on. Capture the essence of Ariel's underwater allure, showcasing her glittery tail shimmering against a cobalt blue sea as she gracefully treads water for a pose (paid link). Together, these Little Mermaid paint-by-number sets promise an immersive and magical artistic experience, bringing the cherished tale to life on your canvas with every brushstroke.

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