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As author and webmaster of, I enjoy dabbling here and there in different forms of poetry and activity books. I hope you enjoy perusing through them as much as I enjoy creating them!

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Do you believe in mermaids?
Do you believe in yourself?

Inspire the mermaid within while embracing your uniqueness. Like the ever-changing colors of the sea, the original poems in this collection (paid link) range from whimsical to deeply emotional, encouraging you to swim against the tide and become who you truly wish to be.

(paid link)

A sunchair and towel strewn upon soft sand; flip-flops optional, cooler mandatory! The evocative scent of suntan lotion wafting through the breeze. Muffled sounds of laughter combine with the whoosh of waves as they break upon the sand and recede. A distant radio fades in and out. Umbrellas propped up in the sand as colorful as a box of crayons. Here today, like every day, life really is a beach! (paid link)

Original Poems For 
Your Beach Wedding!

Evoke the imagery of the beach and sea as you promise your love to each other! Create a memorable wedding ceremony by mixing and matching these unique verses (paid link), incorporating them into your own vows, or for use as nontraditional vows. Each poem is set upon a picturesque beach scene to inspire you!

Travel along with a mermaid
as she takes you on a journey through the beautiful sea (paid link)! Learn about marine life, boats, currents, tides, waves, seabirds, shipwrecks, treasure and more, all while having fun!

  • 30 Coloring Pages With Rhyme
  • 15 Word Scrambles
  • 12 Question & Answer

Are you a beach umbrella mermaid? Then kick off your flip-flops, don your cool shades, and prop yourself under a colorful canopy as you enjoy these ocean-themed puzzles (paid link) for all ages. Test your knowledge on everything from islands, ships, mermaids, shells, lighthouses, explorers, sea tales, coral reefs, pirates, and much more. If it's salty, it's here!

  • 52 Word Search
  • 12 Word Scramble
  • 12 Word Match
  • 20 Cryptograms

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