Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

If you don't have a real one, Fin Fun Mermaid Tails are the next best thing! They come with reinforced tips so you don't have to worry about nicking yourself on shipwrecks or treasure chests! In a spectacular array of colors and designs, you will surely want to have more than one tail to slip into.

Made of swimsuit fabric, these tails can be gently washed and air-dried. Prop yourself up on a rock next to me, and we'll comb our hair and chat while the sun dries our tails! 

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

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Limited Edition Series

Here's a fantastic swimmable tail, and every member of the family can get one. The color looks as delicious as a popsicle! Can't you just taste the icy blueberry and raspberry flavors? This design is Maui Splash (paid link), and you most certainly will make a big splash among your friends. Available in 25+ vibrant colors and designs as part of Fin Fun Mermaid's Limited Edition series. Tails come in youth and adult sizes, with or without the monofin.

Maui Splash Mermaid Tail Skin

Designs & Colors (paid links):

Mermaidens Tails

Calling all Mermaidens! This dazzling tail is perfect for seaside vacations or day trips to the lake. Finely-detailed scales on the swimmable fabric make for a truly realistic tail. Shown here in delectable Tropical Sunrise (paid link), this tail comes in nine brilliant colors. Available in youth and adult sizes, with or without the monofin.

Destiny's Tropical Sunrise Mermaid Tail Skin

Designs & Colors (paid links):

Atlantis Series

Dragons and mermaids and mermen, oh my! The cleverly-designed Atlantis tails are fit for man, woman or beast. With three-dimensional fins on the back and sides, these tails will literally blow you out of the water. Pictured here is Sea Dragon (paid link), complete with, you guessed it, dragon scales! Available in youth and adult sizes, with or without the monofin.

Atlantis-Dragon Sea Mermaid Tail Skin

Designs & Colors (paid links):

Fin Fun Mermaid Tail Monofins

Monofin 05-Blue Stitching Monofin

Don't get caught without a monofin (paid link)! Keep an extra on hand. It's always nice to have a spare as a replacement or to share. The soft, comfortable foot pockets allow you to stay in the water longer. This durable neoprene-covered monofin is available in kids and adult sizes.

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