Handmade Mermaid Crowns
Perfect For Beach Weddings, Too!

What could be more beautiful than a mermaid crown! Intertwining shells and pearls within a delicate design adds that extra-special finishing touch to your mermaid style. I daresay wearing a crown will even lift your spirits on one of those bad hair days!

And don't forget about beach weddings. Seashell crowns, jewelry and accessories will complete your gorgeous bridal ensemble. 

These handmade treasures from the sea will suit any occasion!

Handmade Mermaid Crowns

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I've gathered together some gorgeous handmade crowns that come all the way from the Black Sea coast in Varna, Bulgaria. Friends of mine in the Black Sea told me about a wonderful artist and designer named AnaMarina. I fell in love with her designs as I'm sure you will, too. Here I've showcased a number of  her stunning pieces. She's created matching accessories to go with your crown, and she will even take custom orders!

Shells, Starfish & Pearls

Choose from these lovely and graceful crowns for your next mermaid occasion. Delicate and feminine, they are reminiscent of a sun-kissed day at the beach gathering shells on the soft sand at ebb tide. You can almost hear the cry of gulls and the whisper of seafoam at the water's edge!

Starfish Tiara
(paid link)

Colorful Shells & Flowers

No matter what angle you view it from, the sea abounds with color. When the sun is low in the sky, I love to perch on a nearby rock or sandbar and watch it shine on coastal buildings, whether they be highrises, homes, or cottages. Shades of orange, salmon pink, yellow ochre, and mint green all dazzle like gemstones studded with the diamond-like sparkle of windows ablaze in the sun. 

As I dive below the surface, the underwater flora and fauna becomes a rainbow of color under the shafts of light created by that same brilliant sun. It truly is the best of both worlds. Let these colorful crowns bring the sea vividly to you!

Pink/White Satin Orchids
(paid link)

Beach Wedding Poems

Hair Jewelry

When you want something a little bit more subtle than a crown, choose from these elegant hairpins and combs. Bring your locks to life with these gorgeous jewels from the sea!

Starfish Seashell Comb
(paid link)

Mermaid Crown Accessories

Adorn yourself with the addition of beautiful ocean jewel accessories. Complement your mermaid crown with these unique handmade designs, or wear alone in your own siren-of-the-sea style. Choose from necklaces, bracelets and rings, and don't forget to jazz up your feet with beachy barefoot sandals!


Seashell Necklace
(paid link)


Seashell Bracelet
(paid link)

Mother-of-Pearl Bracelet
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Barefoot Sandals

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