A Lovely Mermaid Crown
DIY and Handmade

What could be more beautiful than a mermaid crown! Intertwining shells and pearls within a delicate design adds that extra-special finishing touch to your mermaid style. I daresay wearing a crown will even lift your spirits on one of those bad hair days!

And don't forget about beach weddings. Seashell crowns, jewelry and accessories will complete your gorgeous bridal ensemble. 

These DIY and handmade treasures from the sea will suit any occasion!

A Mermaid Crown

Do-It-Yourself Mermaid Crown

Why settle for a store-bought mermaid crown when you can create your own unique piece? Interweaving shells, pearls, and other ocean treasures in a delicate design not only adds a special touch to your mermaid style, but also provides a creative outlet that can lift your spirits on any day. Plus, imagine the stunning impact it could have at a beach wedding!

By making your own crown, you can personalize it to suit any occasion and showcase your DIY skills while incorporating handmade treasures from the sea. It's a win-win situation—express yourself and stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind mermaid crown!

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Handmade Crowns for Mermaids & Brides

Choose from these lovely and graceful crowns for your next mermaid occasion. Delicate and feminine, they are reminiscent of a sun-kissed day at the beach gathering shells on the soft sand at ebb tide. You can almost hear the cry of gulls and the whisper of seafoam at the water's edge!

Seashell Crown

Transform into a mythical sea goddess with a hand-crafted "Moonlight" crown (paid link). Made of delicate pearlized seashells, sparkling starfish, and shimmering teardrop gems, this off-white crown is truly one-of-a-kind. Metallic silver vines twist and turn around the pearly webbing base creating an ethereal and elegant effect. 

The majestic "Tartaruga" crown (paid link) is adorned with five charming turtles gracefully swimming among vibrant blue coral and delicate seashells. Luscious floral accents in various hues add a burst of color, while glistening pearls offer a touch of elegance

The elegant and royal "Olympia" crown (paid link) consists of a sky blue webbing topped with pristine white sea shells, delicate yellow flowers embellished with glistening pearl centers, and lively glitter floral accents. The intricate design is completed with clusters of shimmering pearls and clear crystals. 

The whimsical "Splish Splash" crown (paid link) is crafted with delicate seashells, glistening pearls, realistic faux succulents, and vibrant magenta splashes. This one-of-a-kind accessory will add a playful charm to any occasion.

The "Dark Dollie" crown (paid link) is adorned with delicate seashells, sparkling Czech glass beads and lustrous pearls. The intricate floral details sit atop a matte pewter webbing, all secured by a soft black felt base. A one-of-a-kind crown perfect for that unique event or celebration.

The "Nocturne" Crown (paid link) features a delicate arrangement of green leaves, seashells, amethyst chips, pearls, and faux succulents atop a scalloped black felt base. Its elegant design evokes a sense of natural beauty and tranquility, perfect for garden weddings by the sea!

Beach Wedding Poems

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