Trendy & Stylish Mermaid Masks

Go trendy, go stylish with beautiful and functional mermaid masks. Protecting yourself and others has never been more attractive. These machine washable cloth face masks contain a disposable mask insert slot for added protection. And when more is necessary, don't forget about under-the-sea face shields. Make your personal statement by showing your inner mermaid to the outside world!

Mermaid Masks

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Fantasy Mermaids

Into a world of underwater fantasy beneath the stars and atop the moon, these artistically designed masks display the mystical, mysterious, and magical qualities that have drawn us to mermaids for centuries.

Cute Mermaids

In pastels as colorful as rainbow sherbet and friendly faces beckoning you to splash along with them, these adorable mermaid masks bring the sea to life with starfish, dolphins, narwhals, lobsters, shells, and even cats!

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails for Swimming

Say It With Words

Mark my words these mermaid masks will let the world know in so many words when you are at a loss for words. In other words, don't eat your words, just use these masks as a play on words so others will know that you most certainly have a way with words!

Personalized Mermaid Masks

Remember those boring labels with "Hello, my name is (fill in the blank)" stuck to your clothing? Tear them off for good! Now you can literally make a name for yourself by customizing these enchanting masks with, well, you name it!  So put on your mask and be prepared for a lot of name calling!

Face Shields

Let's face it... there are times when you have to step up your protection a few notches. Enter the face shield. Face shields don't have to be humdrum hunks of plastic that make you look like the robot from the original Lost In Space television series. Stay on the blue planet and go beneath the surface with these clever mermaid shields.

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