Mermaid Bedding

Ah, the feeling of dozing off into a dreamy night's sleep! Cozy mermaid bedding will have you floating among the waves, no waterbed required! (Do they even make those anymore?)

With comforters, quilts and sheets designed for baby, child and adult in a myriad of mermaid styles, we've got you covered!

So kick off your slippers, tuck yourself in, and drift into an underwater dreamland with these delightful mermaid bedding styles.

Mermaid Bedding Ensembles And Separates

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Bed-In-A-Bag Ensembles
Comforters, Sheets & Shams

Pretty mermaids (paid link)
are surrounded by seahorses, treasure chests, pearls, crabs, fish and sea life in this lush underwater scene. Available in twin, full and queen sizes.

Adorable mermaids (paid link) float among starfish and coral against the backdrop  of a soft blue sea. With eyes closed, these whimsical mermaids welcome you into dreamland! Turn this reversible comforter over to display colorful fish scales. Available in twin and full sizes. 

Aqua and lavender blend beautifully together and offset the charming mermaids on this vibrant comforter set (paid link). Floating fish, starfish and marine plants complete the underwater scene. Available in full and queen sizes.

Cobalt, azure and blush mermaids (paid link) swim among a sea garden intertwined with flowers, shells and starfish. Colorful scales enliven the coordinating sheets. Available in twin size.

Comforters With Shams

A magical undersea world invites you to get cozy and fall off into a dreamy sleep. Happy crabs, sleepy seahorses, and snoozy fish snuggle up with mermaids in this whimsical comforter set (paid link). Available in twin and full sizes.

Mermaids dance, swim, and ride seahorses and whales in this soft aqua/pink comforter set (paid link). Fish, turtles and jellyfish float among the bubbles in this delightful underwater display. A decorative pillow is included. Available in twin and full/queen sizes.

Bold purple and teal create a vibrant backdrop for a magnificent underwater mermaid theme (paid link). This scene comes to life with shells, fish, sand dollars, starfish, dolphins, jellyfish, and bubbles galore! Available in twin and queen/full sizes.

You don't have to dream about being a mermaid, just slip under this comforter (paid link) and like magic you are crowned princess of the sea! A beautifully detailed corset and tail take center stage in the artfully displayed backdrop, complete with a gemstone-filled treasure chest! Available in twin size.

Sheet Sets

Mermaids frolic with narwhals and dolphins beneath the sea in this enchanting sheet set (paid link), while colorful marine life float among sea castles and anchors. Available in twin, full, queen and crib sizes.

Surrounded by turtles and seahorses, adorable wee mermaids (paid link) flit and float among shells and starfish. Available in twin, full and queen sizes.

A sea of lavender offsets these charming mermaids (paid link) with pink, purple and aqua tails, gently swimming among colorful fish, seahorses and jellyfish. Available in twin, full and queen sizes. 

Pink and purple crowns adorn the long, flowing manes of these lovely mermaids in soft 100% cotton sateen sheets (paid link). Available in twin size.

Baby Mermaid Bedding Sets

This four-piece set stands out with its beautiful embroidered and appliquéd quilt. Nojo Sugar Reef Mermaid (paid link) crib bedding includes a dust ruffle, crib sheet, storage bag and quilt designed with an adorable mermaid and her sea pals.

Mermaids swim among aqua sea bubbles accompanied by seahorses, octopuses, dolphins and starfish. This three-piece crib set (paid link) includes a quilt, fitted sheet and dust ruffle.

With stars in her flowing turquoise hair, a sleepy-eyed mermaid invites baby into dreamland accompanied by a snoozing seahorse! This three-piece crib set by La Premura (paid link) includes a comforter, fitted sheet and dust ruffle.

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