Mermaid Oracle Cards

I just love oracle cards, especially if they're mermaid oracle cards. Enchanting scenes of the sea provide picturesque backdrops for a mermaid's sage advice.

The energy of the sea is ancient and provides a wealth of knowledge readily available to anyone who believes in its power.

Mermaids have the unique capability to harness this energy and its life-enriching messages.

Mermaid Oracle Cards

The ocean will yield its secrets to anyone, but if you're having trouble deciphering on your own, oracle cards are an uncomplicated way to receive guidance and inspiration. Unlike tarot cards, there are no set rules or skills to learn.

If you're new to oracle cards, pose a question either silently or aloud while shuffling the deck and pull the first card that you feel inspired to. More often than not it will make sense as an answer to the question you just posed. 

How does this happen? My belief is that it is actually you answering your own question. It's the part of you that has access to all knowledge—it's your subconscious mind or your higher self. Some call it divine inspiration, but whatever you choose to call it, the outcome is the same.

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Inspirational Mermaid Oracle Cards

These mermaid oracle decks will help you with the answers you seek while uplifting you with their beautiful artwork and messages. 

Oracle of the Mermaids:
Magical Messages of Healing, Love & Romance (paid link)

This 45-card deck by Lucy Cavendish embraces divine feminine nature. With bold, magical and mystical illustrations by Selina Fenech, you will be transported into an enchanting world of mermaid wisdom with each card. A 168-page guidebook is included to assist you on your journey.

Messages from the Mermaids:
A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook (paid link)

Vivid artwork by Linda Olsen brings to life a 44-card deck by Karen Kay. Its simplistic card messages are expanded upon in the accompanying guidebook, enriching your quest.

Magical Mermaids and Dolphin Oracle Cards:
A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook (paid link)

Mermaids and dolphins are your companions in helping you unlock the best version of you. This 44-card deck and guidebook by Doreen Virtue will help you to remain true to yourself as you manifest your goals in life.

Myths & Mermaids:
Oracle of the Water (paid link)

In addition to mermaids, this 42-card deck and guidebook includes wisdom from water spirits such as nymphs and sprites. Charming fantasy art illustrations by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith enhance the wide-eyed water fairies' messages.

Mermaids and Dolphins:
and magical creatures of the sea (paid link)

The sea has many stories to tell and many to tell them. Mermaids, dolphins, whales, sea gods and goddesses all offer clues to your destiny in this 52-card deck and guidebook by Gillian Kemp.

The Oceanic Wild Mermaid Oracle Deck (paid link)

Bright and colorful mermaid scenes and iridescent edging enhance this 40-card deck by Tiffany Sosa. The reader will enjoy multiple interpretations from the single-word messages conveyed on each card. 

A Journal For Your Mermaid Oracle Cards

I have created this lovely oracle card journal to track your daily readings, a perfect fit to your mermaid oracle decks! This 120-day journal features a customizable table of contents, pages for notes and artwork, and a custom oracle card index. Each numbered page records:

  • Date, Time, Deck
  • Feelings/Mood
  • Question(s)
  • Card(s) Drawn
  • Interpretation
  • Reflection/Notes

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