Mermaid Fish Tank Decorations

Create your own underwater world with mermaid fish tank decorations, the perfect companions for your finned friends!

Like fairy gardens or terrariums, aquariums become miniature stage sets for whatever you and your pet fish would like them to be.

Set the stage with an ornate castle, a pretty mermaid figurine, marine life, sea plants, coral, or any scenario that brings under the sea over to you!

Mermaid Fish Tank Decorations

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Accessory Sets

Aquarium Fish Tank Miniature Mermaid Figurines (paid link)

You and your fish will love this adorable mermaid set with starfish, sea turtles, coral and seaweed. It has everything you need  to arrange a lovely underwater garden seascape.

Jetec 9-Piece Fish Tank Cute Mermaid Ornaments (paid link)

Two of these mermaids are not shy, they've come out of their shells! One is having a whale of a time, and the other is ready to rock! 

Aquarium Fish Tank Decorations - Mermaid’s Castle Theme (paid link)

A mermaid's home is her castle, especially one built high on the rocks with fish caves running through! Design your own fairy tale kingdom or queendom with sea plants and coral "landscaping!"

Little Mermaid Fish Tank Decorations

Penn-Plax Little Mermaid 5-Piece Mini Resin Ornaments for Aquariums (paid link)

If your pet fish have seen The Little Mermaid, they'll love to have the gang as companions! There's Ariel, the regal Prince Eric, Flounder, Sebastian and the mighty Ursula all swimming with the fishes, so to speak!

Mermaid Figurines

Penn-Plax RR1003 Mermaid Aquarium Ornament (paid link)

This delicate mermaid is bejeweled with a starfish in her golden locks and a shiny necklace around her neck as she relaxes on a coral reef with a friendly dolphin.

LSHCX Resin Sleeping Little Mermaid Statue for
Miniature Fairy Garden and Aquarium Decorations (paid link)

Let sleeping mermaids lie! Watching fish swim to and fro in an aquarium is so relaxing it's no wonder little miss mermaid is taking a snooze!

POPETPOP Mermaid Figure Resin Aquarium Statue (paid link)

A sandy blush hue enhances this soft serene mermaid. Her casual, contemplative pose as she sits makes one wonder what her thoughts are. 

BCSIUHD Aquarium Decoration Mythical Mermaid (paid link)

A fish catches a ride along with this exquisite mermaid as she encircles her tail in a relaxed stance. Pearl jewels add an air of elegance to this piece.

NUOBESTY Aquarium Mermaid Statue
Mermaid Sitting on Rock Under The Sea (paid link)

This mermaid is ravishing in a rough-textured champagne-toned dress and tail, giving the appearance of fine lace.

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