Mermaid Halloween Fun Stuff

Okay, so now that you're wearing your dazzling mermaid Halloween costume, how about having some ghost and goblin fun? 

Take some time out from trick or treating, bobbing for apples, hayrides, scary movies, and saying "BOO!" to complete strangers, and turn your pumpkin into a mermaid with fun Halloween puzzles, stickers, t-shirts, cards and more!

Fun Halloween Mermaid Stuff

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Ghoulish Word Puzzles

Creepy sea creatures, fish with sewn-up lips, skeletons, and macabre mermaids surround these Halloween puzzles with word search, word scramble, word match and cryptograms, perfect for parties or anytime!

Mermaid Halloween Word Puzzles

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Scary Stickers

Make your Halloween mark with these bewitching mermaids. They're perfect for phones, tablets, notebooks, foreheads, mirrors, trick or treat bags, envelopes or just about anywhere!

Mermaid Halloween Cards

These fun Halloween cards are blank inside so you can create your own text. They'll make the perfect party invitation for your next big Halloween bash, or use them to send eerie greetings to your friends or enemies!

Humorous T-Shirts

When it's just not feasible to be in costume, mermaid Halloween t-shirts are the next best thing! Let others know that you're really a mermaid, with or without a witch hat and broomstick!

Creepy Decor

Now who couldn't use a mermaid skeleton lampshade? It's the perfect party decoration, room accent for a haunted house, or window decoration on Halloween night. Better yet, get a pair of them!

Cute Magnets

Your Halloween to-do lists will stand out on the fridge with these cute mermaid magnets. Perfect for the kids' rooms, too!

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