Mermaid Poems

Words are lyrical. A mermaid's movements are lyrical. These mermaid poems meld those two traits into imagery. My themes most often center around breaking free from limitations, reaching for your dreams, and having the courage to be your unique self! The five mermaid poems on this page are samples from my new poetry book, A Mermaid Like Me.

Mermaid Poems

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Do you believe in mermaids?
Do you believe in yourself?

Inspire the mermaid within while embracing your uniqueness. Like the ever-changing colors of the sea, the original poems in this collection range from whimsical to deeply emotional, encouraging you to swim against the tide and become who you truly wish to be.

The Endless Sea

At times I'm fearful and want to hide from the world
Rolled into safekeeping like a sail furled
A port in the storm where I can take refuge
A hidden cove protected from life's deluge

Is there such a place where I can be free
Swept away from worry, care and anxiety
In all of its vastness I turn to the sea
As wave upon wave washes over me

Like a mermaid I'd swim away from shore
Until I could not see land anymore
And stream through the depths where I will break free
As free as a mermaid in the endless sea

In A Mermaid's Dream

And so I slumber in a  mermaid's dream
As floating shadows through water stream
A seahorse appears in front of me at will
Meeting my gaze like a statue so still

Sea anemones waving tentacles at me
Forgetting how painful their sting can be
Clouds of jellyfish in a celestial dance
Must I awaken from this aquatic trance?

For here I am a mermaid, scales and all
Breathing underwater I now recall
I can live in both worlds above and below the sea
For anything is possible with a dream inside of me 

I Saw A Mermaid At The Beach

I saw a mermaid at the beach

She seemed so near, just within my reach
The closer I moved she was much farther still
Perhaps I am dreaming this scene against my will

For I would not frighten a mermaid away
No, instead her fears I would allay
So we could meet halfway just as the sea touches the sky
And form new horizons as each day goes by

The Dreamer

A beautiful mermaid visited me
I knew at once she came from the sea
To show me a path and direction to take
A spell to awaken a journey I must make

I now see so clearly what was hidden in me
For I am a dreamer, and it's okay to be
A dream like a wave that moves with the tide
Closer and faster to the shore it rides

Unfolding and spreading upon the beach
Saturating each grain of sand within reach
As does a dream when released from inside
Like a message in a bottle traveling far and wide

If I Were A Mermaid

If I were a mermaid I would know within me
Lies a power and a force as big as the sea
I would dive where the bottom is smooth and clear
Knowing that I'd find safety here
If I lose my way I would follow the tides
And change course until confusion subsides 

If I were a mermaid I would know what to do
Life's frustrations would not throw me askew
Turbulent currents would not alter my plans

My track I would follow through shifting sands
I'd stick to my purpose and reach my goals
As easily as swimming onto shallow shoals

If I were a mermaid I would hold the key
To unlock all the treasures buried deep within me

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